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Article : 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Choose an EFT Practitioner
Name : Teresa Bolen
State : Kyoto
Country : Japan
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The Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful process, and even newbies can get miraculous results. Perhaps you’ve already experienced this for yourself, and you’re considering investing in sessions with an EFT practitioner. How do you know when you are ready to enlist the services of a professional – or even if one is necessary for you right now? Maybe you’ve been thinking about doing sessions with an EFT practitioner, but for some reason you have been hesitating. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if the services of an EFT practitioner are right for you at this time.


1. Why do I want the help of an EFT practitioner?

This is your motivation for doing EFT sessions with a practitioner. How do you think things be different if you were doing EFT sessions with an EFT practitioner from what they are now? Maybe you think that your EFT technique would improve. Perhaps you imagine that you would get better results and get those results faster with the help of a professional. Perhaps you would like to have the support of another person outside your network of family, friends and colleagues. Or, maybe you’ve been working on something for a while that is blocked, and you just need some additional help to get past this obstacle.


2. How do I expect to benefit?

This ties in to your answer for question 1. You probably have an idea in mind of how your life will improve by making this change. What kind of benefits do you think you would gain from working with an EFT practitioner? Why do you think sessions from an EFT practitioner would make a difference for you? Make a list. Try to give yourself as many tangible, concrete examples of how you believe your situation will improve from the services of an EFT practitioner.


3. How much help do I want?

Do you need just a few sessions to get you back on track? Do you want to follow a full program? Or do you want ongoing support? Do you want individual attention, or do you want to participate as a member of a group? See if you can create clearly in your mind what the ideal situation for you right now would be. Do you see your practitioner in person, or meet on the phone, or just use the practitioner’s products? If meeting for one on one sessions, how often would you like to meet?


4. Am I really ready to accept the healing at this time?

The answer to this is key, because even if you have sessions from the greatest EFT practitioner in the world, if you are not ready to receive the healing you will not experience it. If you believe you are ready to receive the healing now, how do you know? What reasons might a part of you have for resisting your healing? In other words, what hidden benefits or secondary gains are there in keeping the situation as it is now? Make a list, and if you decide to move forward with finding a practitioner, keep these answers handy and be ready to discuss them with her/him.


5. Do I need a professional? or do I just need a tapping buddy?

This depends a great deal on your primary reasons for considering sessions with an EFT practitioner in the first place. If you want friendly support, someone to tap with, someone to talk to, and someone who shares your interest in EFT, a tapping buddy might be enough. If you are interested in doing deeper work, and would like the benefit of working with someone who has more experience in EFT, greater accountability, and the benefit of someone who will kick you in your little butt when you need it, then an EFT practitioner is a better choice for you.


6. What is my budget?

Working with an EFT practitioner is a significant investment of both time and money. How much time, energy and money are you willing to devote to this aspect of your healing? It is recommended that you do EFT tapping on your own between sessions to get the most out of your sessions. Are you already doing this? If not, would doing EFT with a practitioner make any difference in this choice?


7. How will I recognize the right practitioner for me when I find her/him?

The single most important factor is to listen to your intuition. You already have this knowledge within you. There is a part of you that knows, but if you’re used to overriding that voice or trying to rationalize it away, you may have to listen a little harder. It may be a sound, it may be a vibration, it may be a feeling – the information can come to you in a variety of ways, but trust your inner knowing. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.


When you’re ready, the services of an EFT practitioner can be a life-changing gift. I hope you’ve found this article helpful in helping you decide if the timing is right for you now to work with an EFT practitioner, and in what capacity. If you’d like more information, please see my other articles about EFT practitioners.


Here’s to Your Transformation!

Teresa Bolen Okamoto


Copyright 2009 by Teresa Bolen Okamoto. All Rights Reserved.

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