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Article : How To Use EFT To Grow Your Business Part I
Name : Michele Price
City: Houston
State : Texas
Country : United States
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Busting Profits Through The Ceiling

In today's perspective on the economy I would suggest business owners look at two things.

How can I improve "Who I am".

How can I that build trust with my customers?

Many people are starting to "get it", the depth of your personal development, affects the height of your success.

More business and service professionals are coming on board with how to accomplish building their business in tandem with improving themselves.

We are living in a time where the old paradigm and the Big Corporations are dinosaurs and their messages are stale. We will explore new thoughts and visions on building business through building trust by talking "With" your customers not at them.

Building Trust With EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique

What The Heck Is EFT?

You can learn some of the basics of EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique here-> Learn About EFT. There is simple instructions and video there to walk you through your first experience with EFT.

Many times clients do not realize the scope of their use of EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. It is great to release and break-through obstacles that prevent you from reaching success.

Whether it is something you think-"I have never been able to speak in front of a group, I get tongue tied". Or a previous experience that left you feeling less than- "I tried that last time and failed miserably" so you never try it again.

You have thoughts and experiences that are now holding you back from the success you want in business.

So will you just say "Oh well, what can you do?" Or will you take personal responsibility and learn how you can take charge again of your life, your success and your business profits?

Let's Tap On Common Topics Business Owners Express

Easy Tapping Scripts You Can Follow Today

You can go here for an automated tapping chart to follow while using this tapping script below

Ok, you have read and watched the videos talking about HOW to do EFT.

Let's get started with tapping for your challenges today.

KC- Even though I hear the news telling me our economy is in a recession, I accept how I feel about it.

KC- Even thought I am starting to worry, how will I grow my business during these times, I accept how I feel.

KC- Even though it feels like I will never be in control of growing my business again and I accept how that makes me feel.

EB- I keep feeling like the news of the economy is taking over

SE-Everyone around me keeps talking about how bad it is out there

UE- I can't escape it at home

UN- All this negativity is hitting me from every which way

CH- It makes me feel like I am losing my mind.

CB- It's coming at me like a machine gun, with rapid fire

UA- I can't escape it

UB- It is at home

TH- It is at work

EB- It is at church

SE- It is at school

UE- It is at the grocery store

UN- It is at the gas station

CH- It is at in my car on the radio (chasing me everywhere)

CB- It is at my bookstore

UA- It is on every commercial and the news

UB- It is frustrating me because it is EVERYWHERE

TH- How am I suppose to stay calm and centered if I can't escape it?

EB- How can I grow my business in this economy

SE- my sales are not looking good right now

UE- It's just one more thing I have to worry about

UN- I am wearing so many hats now how can I wear another one

CH- I feel like I will lose my mind if this doesn't stop now.

CB- People are freaking out about money now

UA- I don't like feeling afraid about what is going to happen with everyone running scared

UB- I don't like feeling afraid about what is going to happen

TH- I wonder if EFT could help me create some more money for me and others

Take a deep breathe

So we are clearing the fear and frustration.

The next step be to tap one or two more rounds on "This remaining fear and panic"

Stay Tuned
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