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Article : Doing EFT Over the Phone
Name : Deborah Donndelinger
City: Eldersburg
State : Maryland
Country : United States
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When Gary Craig first wrote about doing EFT by phone, it’s obvious that folks had to be persuaded to try it.     (Read his article at:

Now there are many practitioners who incorporate the phone into their work.  

Here are excerpts of Gary’s original article on phone work and the changes I see since he wrote it.

“1. Once mastered, it is a highly efficient method. The client can call you right when the problem (traumatic memory, phobia, anxiety, panic attack, compulsion, addictive craving, etc.) is happening.”

I absolutely agree that phone work is a highly efficient method, but not for this reason.  I make regular appointments for my phone clients; they do not just call in to me.   I do use an online scheduler where clients can pick a time for an appointment at their convenience.

The advantages of phone work are convenience, wider market, and improved focus, which I’ll describe below.

“2. You can have clients from all over the world. You are no longer limited to just your city and surrounding communities. “

With the increasing connectivity of our world, this continues to be an advantage.  The other advantage is that you can accommodate varied times for international appointments (i.e. early morning or late evening) without having to go into the office.  The third advantage is that you can run group calls or teleclasses and draw from a much larger prospective client base.

“3. It is less expensive and more convenient for the client. They don't have to take off work or get a baby sitter or drive for an hour or so (round trip) to see you.”

This is also true for the practitioner.  As a mother of three children, my schedule is challenging at times.  Working from home, I am able to work with many more clients than if I had to go into the office.   Depending on how much phone work you do, you can maintain only a home office or a part-time office.

“4. You can bill them rather efficiently via credit cards, 900 numbers, etc.”

Of course Paypal is the most recognized way to get paid and there are other methods.  I offer clients the choice of paying my check or paypal.  I have only had one time where I had to follow-up repeatedly for payment.  With long distance companies now providing one-fee service, it’s easy for a practitioner to cover the phone charges.  For international calls, Skype and Jajah offer free alternatives.

“In both of these cases, I was using Voice Technology and not EFT. That doesn't matter for these purposes, however. You could have gotten the same result by talking these people through EFT as I got by using Voice Technology. “

I, like many others, have developed a focused skill at reading energy and voice inflections over the phone.  It is unbelievable how much information can be heard in a voice.  I actually find myself more perceptive over the phone because I am not visually distracted by the person.

“All is not perfect with phone work, however. You will still have the apex problem with some of them and others will still want the connection available with one-on-one meetings. “

The apex problem can happen whether in person or on the phone.  Clearly defining current symptoms and what success would look like are essential skills for practitioner whether in-person or on the phone.

There are a few clients who want the physical contact of tapping in person.   Understanding both your and your clients’ learning style (auditory, kinesthetic, visual) will also have a huge impact on your effectiveness as a phone practitioner.

“Also, the client needs to know where to tap when you give your phone instructions. You can instruct them beforehand in person-to-person sessions as indicated in the letter below or you can send them a sheet illustrating the tapping points.”

Once again technology is helping us out here.  With YouTube as an option, you can have videos for clients to watch beforehand so they can see the tapping points, as well as diagrams on your website.  Disclaimers and agreement of services can be put as a form on a website and downloaded or electronically signed, as appropriate.

The biggest question clients have is whether phone sessions are as effective as in-person sessions.  Once they hear about your success and experience with phone sessions and have had one session, the question is normally answered.  


A logistical checklist for working by phone:

  •          Long distance billing and who calls whom.
  •          Billing procedures
  •          High quality headset
  •          Hours available and how to schedule appointments
  •          How to handle disclaimers and agreement of services
  •          Video demonstration or website diagram of explanation of points


A skill checklist for working by phone:

  • Ability to establish rapport
  • Ability to ask questions
  • Ability to listen to the subtle inflections and emotions expressed in the voice
  • Ability to interrupt a client when the intensity is building and they are getting too much into their story without tapping
  • Ability to explain the points verbally
  • Ability to compassionately and effectively work with silence when the client has gotten emotional and can’t talk
  • Ability to manage the overall call process and end in on time with a sense of closure
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