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Name : Michele Price
City: Houston
Zip :
Country : United States
State : Texas
Phone Number :
Email Address :
Website :
About Michele Price
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How I was first introduced to tapping: 
Through meditation and asking for a solution that would work quicker than the tools I was using.

So I attracted it! How Cool is that?
I have been practicing tapping for: 
Four Years
Number of clients I have worked with (One on One): 
I have the following certifications: 
Yes. Reiki Master 20 yrs, Karuna Reiki Master 15 yrs, Certified Aromatherapist 19 yrs, Advanced trainer massage and esthetics 18 yrs, Certified Herbalist 24 yrs.
I have attended the following tapping workshops: 
Too numerous to list and I believe that with the videos and blog posts and article we all post here choose with your heart who you resonate with is the best choice.

Visit my site, listen to my radio show you know in your heart better than letters on page.
My strengths as a practitioner are: 
Understanding how to apply EFT with business owners and entrepreneurs to clear their obstacles to success and continued growth of their businesses.

I have a quick, clear and laser like style. My fun and irreverent dialogue gives results even when the core is deeply buried.
Do I do phone sessions: 
100% Yes and skype for my international clients. You receive a mp3 recording with each session.
Other Comments:   
Having learned to embrace contrasts in the past several years I have developed fabulous techniques to shift quickly so that I am in vibration with Prosperity and Abundance.

That is a gold nugget there, to be able to accomplish that is so important. Seeing, feeling and being in awe of the results that I have achieved for myself personally is what lead me to return to teaching, coaching and developing solutions for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

With 20+ years experience as small business owner and entrepreneur gives me a unique perspective on all the aspects that contribute to your success in that area
How To Use EFT To Grow Your Business Part II
Submitted on 01 November,2008
In our last article we learned how to tap off our resistance.  Now we continue to tap in the positive.Let's Tap In What You Want  Opening You To The Possibilities KC- Even Though I don't know how to stay in a calm state of mind with all this chaos around me, I accept myself right now.KC- Even Though I want to get back into a calm state of mind with all this economic c ... More
How To Use EFT To Grow Your Business Part I
Submitted on 01 November,2008
Busting Profits Through The CeilingIn today's perspective on the economy I would suggest business owners look at two things.How can I improve "Who I am".How can I that build trust with my customers?Many people are starting to "get it", the depth of your personal development, affects the height of your success.More business and service professionals are coming on board with how to accomplish build ... More
EFT for Peace and Prosperity
Submitted on 06 November,2008
This blog is for defining , clarifying and focusing on what brings us all peace and prosperity as a community on our planet.  More
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Abundance In Todays Economy-How Can I Create Mine?
Workshops at: Texas on
Experience using EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique using Law of Attraction together. This introductory class gives you an opportunity to experience a session of our class. Feb 17, Tues 12-1pm EST. You will learn techniques on how to accurately uncover what is the core issue behind your hurdles in creating the income and life of your dreams. The Secret left many holes and un-explored Universa ... More
Increasing Your Income Thermostat Group Coaching
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Engaging, exciting and profoundly powerful group coaching like never been taught before, where using Lazer Tapping in a group coaching setting allows for you to shift your Income Thermostat in very powerful ways that even astounds Michele when her clients come and share their results, days, weeks and months later. Be prepared to skyrocket your income for 2009. We will be meeting every third ... More
Getting Racism Out of Your Wallet Group Coaching
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We will be taking an experiential journey using EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique and doing lazer tapping combined with audio lessons and exercises that will allow you to hone in on ancestral patterns that are in place and keeping you and your family from progressing like you could with those limits being reinforced and passed down through the years. You will see huge shifts in your ability to cr ... More
Getting Racism Out Of Your Wallet-Turning Your Contrast Into Cash
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Money is on your mind these days. We are in a world recession, people are losing their jobs,and our future is uncertain. Getting racism out of your wallet is all about looking at where your hurdles are right now. * Are you carrying around thoughts that are costing you money * Are you booby trapping your own success * Are you the crab you talk about * Have you not seen to ... More
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